Infographic : Lifehacks for tech-savvy travellers

Planning a trip soon? Have you started preparing yet? We know that when it comes to traveling, it’s always difficult to prepare everything: documents, clothes, a camera, maps… No matter how organised you are, it always feels like you’re forgetting something!

Enter this handy infographic. You’ll find lots of lifehacks to help you to make the most of your trip, from packing to taking pictures! Remove all the tourists from your vacation snaps, use Google Maps even when you don’t have any Wi-Fi and create digital and hard copies of all your documents prior to traveling… and there’s plenty more where they came from.

You’ll also find a list of must-have traveling apps that will help you fight the dreaded jet lag, find Wi-Fi even when you can’t find yourself, get a rundown of each stunning place you visit and even help you protect your skin from the sun when heading to sunny places.

Don’t miss your chance to become a tech-savvy traveler, and be prepared for whatever challenges are thrown your way during your vacation.

Bon voyage!

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Infographic : Lifehacks for tech-savvy travellers

Infographic : Is Your Bachelor’s Degree Worth It?

Although getting a bachelor’s degree does mean you will earn over 50% more on average than a high school grad, it does not guarantee you a job in your area of study nor does it necessarily provide the kind of return on investment you (and your parents) were looking for. Then there’s the ridiculous cost, which has risen over 1000% in the last few decades. Don’t get us wrong. College can be great for some people, but there are others who come out with skills that don’t get them a good job. If you’re standing in the massive shadow of the Ivory Tower and have some trepidation about taking an expensive 4-year journey. For those of you who have already received a bachelor’s degree but still can’t find a job or further your career, you may find some alternative solutions if you scroll down for a bit.

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Infographic : Is Your Bachelor’s Degree Worth It?


Infographic: What do UK people feel about counterfeit items and counterfeit bank notes?

Leading supplier of counterfeit money detectors, Zzap Online, conducted a survey to gain insight into how we in the UK feel about purchasing counterfeit products and why we would or wouldn’t consider it an option. Have you ever received a fake bank note but noticed too late? What would the people of the UK do in this situation. Check out this infographic to see what Zzap’s survey revealed, you may be quite surprised by the results! Infographic: What do UK people feel about counterfeit items and counterfeit bank notes?

Infographic : The True Cost of a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Coffee has been keeping us – and our taste buds – moving for many years, especially as temperatures drop and seasonal holiday drinks reappear. More and more millennials are indulging in the delicious pick-me-up with Pumpkin Spice or salted caramel-flavored lattes from Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and others. Just like with anything else we consume daily, it adds up, often putting an unforeseen dent in our wallets. Take a read of infographic by to see by  how you can save at the coffee counter, without sacrificing your daily cup – or special, seasonal treat!

Infographic : The True Cost of a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Infographic : 8 Adventure Activities You’ve Got To Try

There are 8 activities you have to try! Some you won’t have even heard of, some are ones you’ll have seen videos of but never thought you could do yourself. Take Geocaching for example, this fun hobby is a great way to explore and discover the world around us. From the top of a volcano in Hawaii, to the shores of an ancient island monastery in France; from high mountain peaks to deep caverns in the ground, our geocaching adventures have taken us to wild, wonderful and unexpected places around the world. There are lots of other fun things you can get up to too. This infographic explains some of them, from Segway Racing to Coasteering and Scrambling.

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Infographic : 8 Adventure Activities You’ve Got To Try


Infographic : A-Z of Packaging

As internet shopping grows in popularity thanks to faster broadband speeds and increased online security, sellers need to find the right kind of packaging to protect their products en route to their customers. This bright and fun infographic has been created by Davpack to show just how many packaging solutions they have available.For packaging boxes visit Davpack for the full A-Z of PACKAGING SUPPLIES in stock and available next working day.

Infographic : A-Z of Packaging



UK Bluffing Survey Results

Bluffing is associated with Poker players, but it’s not just Poker players who bluff on a daily basis. The most likely to bluff their way through the day are Londoners – who commonly bluff about their age. In the Midlands and Wales however, people are more likely to bluffing about their waistline.

The British public trust certain professions more than others, with estate agents and taxi drivers being the most prone to tall tales. On the other hand, teachers and doctors are the most trusted professions, considered the least likely to bluff.

UK Bluffing Survey Results

Qdoba® Frees the Flavor; “Extras” No Longer Cost Extra

Mexican fast-casual chain launches simplified menu and pricing structure where entrée prices are inclusive of all flavors, including Queso and guacamole.

Qdoba Mexican Grill® is encouraging guests to free the flavor as the Mexican fast-casual brand unveils a new simplified menu and pricing structure at its 600-plus restaurants in which “extras” are no longer extra. Qdoba’s new menu structure allows guests to pay a single price for any entrée offered – a price that is based on the protein chosen and that is inclusive of as many additional flavors the guest would like to add, including guacamole, 3-Cheese Queso, Queso Diablo and more.

“We focus on our guests, and what they want, and expect, from us as a brand. Evaluating our guests’ experience, we learned that they appreciate a clear and simple menu structure and the ability to build a customizable and flavorful entrée without having to compromise on that flavor because their favorites, like guacamole and Queso, cost extra,” said Tim Casey, Qdoba’s Brand President.

With the simplified structure, guests at Qdoba will now pay a single set price for their favorite entrée, and be able to load on the flavor with guacamole, 3-Cheese Queso, fajita veggies and more, without having to pay any additional costs for these items. The menu applies a two-tier pricing structure based on protein; tier one includes vegetables, ground beef and chicken, while tier two includes pulled pork, steak and shredded beef. Prices will vary by market, and double servings of protein will be available to guests for a nominal cost.

“We don’t want our guests to sacrifice flavor because of price.  Our culinary team has developed some terrific flavors that we are proud of, and we want our guests to have confidence that they’ll pay one fair price for their favorite entrée and have the freedom to experience all the other flavors we offer,” added Casey.

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Qdoba Infographic