Infographic : Cloud Breach Response Steps

Perspecsys has come up with the response steps for cloud breach. They know how important it is to secure cloud data and what the outcome is, when the data is unsecure. Take a look at the infographic below to see the steps and statistics for both paths.

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Cloud breach image via Perspecsys

DIY Tasks that Save: And Some that Don’t

DIY projects have been on the rise for years. From the introduction of DIY shows on TV to blogs all about DIY projects, homeowners are strapping on tool belts and breaking out their inner do-it-yourselfers. has created an infographic detailing which DIY projects are worth your time, and which are better left to the professionals.


Infographic : New Perspecsys Cloud Trust Survey

Perspecsys did a survey about U.S. based clouds at InfoSec Europe 2014 of more than 100 IT Security Pros. More than half of the European IT Security Professionals don’t fully trust U.S. based clouds. Take a look at the percentages on the infographic below that Perspecsys created based on the survey.

Infographic : New Perspecsys Cloud Trust Survey

Infographic : A list of don’ts for Women on Bicycles

In the late 19th Century a woman with a bicycle no longer had to depend on a man for transportation. More and more women came to regard the cycle as a ‘freedom machine’. However, it wasn’t the smoothest of rides. In 1895, members of the Unique Cycling Club of Chicago publicly disciplined two of its female member for disobeying the rules regarding dress code. The women paid the price for daring to cycle in skirts, as they were stripped down to their ‘bloomers’ in front of a crowd of 200 people by several ‘strong armed’ members of the club.

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Infographic : A list of don'ts for Women on Bicycles

Infographic : Dog Bite Awareness

Believe it or not, one of the nations’s most commonly reported health problems are dog bites. Amongst the estimated 70 million dogs living in households across the nation, millions of people, mainly children, have fallen victim these easily preventable happenings. This is why National Dog Bite Awareness is so important. National Dog Bite Awareness week is a national campaign set fourth with a mission to increase pet ownership responsibility and inform safety tips. Below is an infographic by  highlighting statistics surrounding dog bites, showcasing the actual significance and seriousness of these continually rising attacks.

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Infographic : Dog Bite Awareness


Infographic : How to Maximize Cash Flow with AP/AR Processes

Managing cash flow can be a both time-consuming and complicated process, especially for growing businesses. Analyzing accounts payable and accounts receivable can be a daunting task but is crucial for healthy business operations. This infographic breaks down tips and ideas to balance a business’s accounts, including when to know to take out a business loan or line of credit to cover inventory, seasonal demand or hiring new employees.

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Infographic : How to Maximize Cash Flow with AP/AR Processes