Infographic : The Bag Empire

Forzieri Firenze: THE BAG EMPIRE!

Our Empire is made up of 4 lands

The first land: OH MY GODS
Like the mighty gods, meet some of today’s most iconic, “reach for the sky”, luxurious labels…
Only divine genius could realize such bags. So iconic, immortal, unique, owning them gives an incomparably luxurious sensation.

The second land: THE HERCULES CREW
Like the sons of gods, these are truly the legit sons of the luxury icons… meet some of the hottest labels in today’s bag-centric arena…
You can see straight away that these bags are daughters of the Olympic gods. Every look becomes sublime.

The third land: THE ARTISTS
Taking a central role in the empire lifestyle… meet the the most creative, eclectic and poetic region of the empire…
A beautiful bag is worth more than a thousand words. An artist… can be either loved or hated – not for everyone, only the few.

The fourth land: THE GLADIATORS
As the gladiators were true idols in the ancient empire, these are true idols in the world of today’s fashionistas, known for their strong character and fearless approach to style and life… Always ready to fight to uphold their ideals in the creation of bags that bestow energy on those who carry them.

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The Bag Empire – An infographic by the team at Forzieri

The Burgeoning Bakken

North Dakota may be known as the Peace Garden state, however, it’s quickly becoming known as the Oil state – all because of the Bakken. has created an infographic entitled “The Burgeoning Bakken”, guiding you though one of the largest oil deposits in our nation, and its effects on the land and people around it.

The Burgeoning Bakken

The Straight Poop: Adventures in Toilet Training

Toilet training, also termed “Potty training” is a source of contention for many parents. Whether it’s potty training boot camp, cloth diapers, or regular disposables-everyone has different views of what’s best. However, history shows us that our kids are potty training at a later age than ever. has created an infographic entitled “The Straight Poop: Adventures in Toilet Training”, explaining some of the newest trends in potty training, and gives tips on early infant communication.
The Straight Poop: Adventures in Toilet Training


The Truth About Brain Training

We all know that our memories become hazier as we age, and the newest cure is brain training: games and puzzles that are rumored to help keep your brain in tip-top shape – or even improve it. But is the science behind this newest phenomenon solid? has created an infographic entitled “The Truth About Brain Training”, explaining the myths and science motivating the brain training movement.


The Truth About Brain Training

Lean Forwards Top Advantages of Asynchronous eLearning

Lean forward has elearning software tools to help elearning become easier. They wanted to share the top advantages of asynchronous elearning so below is their infographic that shows those advantages. There are several advantages of course, but the most common and powerful ones are listed below. One of the is the greater accessibility, gives the freedom of being able to access it anytime or anwyhere and no need to set time aside to make schedules. Another great advantage is you can save time by having less training, therefore, giving you more time for producing. Also, you can minimize any disruptions because those learning can train at their convenience rather than an instructors.

Infographic Source :-

Lean Forwards Top Advantages of Asynchronous eLearning

The Business of Craft Beers and Microbreweries

America spends over $99 billion on beer every year. But where does this money go, and how is beer made? created an infographic entitled “The Business of Craft Beers and Microbreweries” giving you a beginners guide to the beer industry. Let’s take a look

The Business of Craft Beers and Microbreweries

Trading Academy’s Top 10 Tax Mistakes Traders Make

The online trading academy has created a list of mistakes that most investors and traders make when they file their taxes. When filing their taxes they always have special challenges that they are faced with and these mistakes are common. The list of mistakes below are from an affiliate of trading academy called Tax Pros. View the infographic below to learn the top 10 mistakes you as an investor or trader need to be aware of.

 Trading Academy's Top 10 Tax Mistakes Traders Make

Weird, Unusual Taxes We Have Had Throughout History

Efile has created an infographic showing some of the weird and unusual taxes we have had over the years. Even though we know it’s certainly not unusual to be taxed, we all know there has been some crazy taxes that they have come up throughout the years. Take a look at the infographic from Efile below and see for yourself.

Weird, Unusual Taxes We Have Had Throughout History