Do We Really Know Our Limits for Freedom of Speech!

An open letter to my fellow Indians

Dear Indians,

Before I lose connect with the reality of the world around me, this open letter is aimed at clearing out my thoughts before my fellow citizens. If the freedom of speech is really under threat, how come restless voices are earning more and more airtime on television debates. Evidently, the cacophony over freedom of expression or speech itself is a self-defeating argument. In first place, how can freedom of speech be under threat in the country that is one of the largest markets for social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram among others. In fact, freedom of speech was never so high before the times we are living in today.
Last week, I came across a film by Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC TV) that is claiming to have investigated the transactions of a leading Indian corporate house. ABC TV’s feature 4 Corners provided platform to a member of parliament from the opposition party, an opinionated journalist besides a former bureaucrat and a scholar from a think tank. All four of them aggressively criticised a successful entrepreneur and they portrayed India as a lawless nation without a trace of fear. If an opposition leader, critical journalist, former IAS officer and think tank can speak on camera of the international media, I sense we are wasting our time discussing freedom of speech unnecessarily.

And this is not an end of my argument. I have never seen Chinese or Japanese media or politicians or bureaucrats (and they don’t have think tanks to my knowledge) ever harming their national interests or reputation by taking on own government systems or corporations for acquiring natural resources overseas. On the other hand, likes of Jairam Ramesh and Paranjoy Guha Thakurta have come handy to the elements trying to destabilize our nation. This kind of people has mastered the art of fabricating narratives suiting to their current political positions and materialistic aspirations.

I am a believer of democracy and believe in respecting the mandate of the nation when it comes to India’s constitutional posts such as President and Prime Minister. However, at the cost of being labelled as a Bhakt, let me venture into some more details. Since, majority of the opposition leaders and their agent activists have failed to take on Narendra Modi, they have intensified their attacks on Gujarat based Adani Group.

My knowledge about such large houses is inadequate to pass any judgment against them or their promoters. But I strongly feel that these corporations have helped India to become world’s one fastest growing economy today. Without these entrepreneurs, our populated nation would have remained deprived of very basic necessities. As a consumer, I share a special relationship with each and every large corporate house of this country. These entrepreneurs have ensured better and happier life and lifestyle by improving standards of products and services that we cannot live without. These corporations have allowed me to enjoy energy security. They have allowed me travel faster and safer. They have allowed me to enjoy food from tamper proof packaging. They have enabled me to use imported mobile handset and rapid internet service to enjoy Freedom of Speech to reach out to the world. These entrepreneurs are making India and the world, a better place.

If Jairams and Pranjoys think that these corporations are devils, they should leave the cosy and secure national capital and start living without amenities such as uninterrupted electricity and gas supplies. Going back to the stone age will protect the environment as they will give up their highflying life to perform what they are preaching. Jairams and Pranjoys should stop using imported mobile handsets so that India does not have to build ports anymore. It will also protect Indian image and economy since international journalists will not be able to reach Jairams and Pranjoys. If these characters find building oil refineries and airports unethical, Jairams and Pranjoys should give up their SUVs and stop flying frequently. If they believe in what they are vocally speaking, they should stop using anything and everything that these entrepreneurs have created for humankind.

In past couple of years, those who were not known even own neighbourhood have earned national fame as television channels are giving airtime to debates increasing while any loud mouth can manage to trend on Twitter. This would have not happened if freedom of speech was under attack. Let us do our job and stop listening to those exercising their right of speech to preach us about lack of freedom of expression.

Warm regards,

A Free Indian

The above article is written by Bhaavna Arora


6 of the Most Shared Marketing Infographics of 2017

What makes people share an Infographic? Nice colors? Exciting graphics? Or the content? As we head into 2018, we look back at the most shared infographics of 2017 on sales and marketing. What do you think is the secret of an infographic, going to be viral overnight?

Is that the creative design or the unique content?

Take a look at these 6 Most Shared Marketing Infographics of 2017. The reason why these infographics became widespread is the use of colors, powerful data information, image dominance and focus on the niche audience. The informative infographic gives an insight of the history of the content marketing and how it has evolved.

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6 of the Most Shared Marketing Infographics of 2017

Infographic : Boosting Brain Power With Brain Octane Oil

Brain Octane Oil contains the right fatty acids – at exactly the right amounts – for vastly improved mental clarity and dexterity, along with sharpened mental decisiveness and a complete overcoming of ‘brain fog’ for anyone who’s dealing with it.

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Infographic : Boosting Brain Power With Brain Octane Oil


INFOGRAPHIC : How to Choose the Best Rotary Tool

Factors need to look for the best rotary tools
The rotary tools vary with its sizes and model. The best rotary device is able to provide you using a wide range of accessories to perform your home improvement job.
The efficient rotary tools have various features and benefits.
The following information will assist you to choose the right rotary tools for you.
• Speed ranges vary so you need to select the rotary device on the basis of your project.
• You need to look for adjustable speed to perform different projects work.
• Rotary speed ranges from 5000 rpm to 35000 rpm and slow speed needs more accuracy and faster speeds require for the simple and easy job.
Attachment and accessories:
• You need to go for a flexible rotary device for using alternative accessories and attachments.
• Make sure attachment lock-on and lockout are very simple and fastest to reduce lead time.
• For grinding, polishing, cutting excellent torque is a must for perfect finishing.
• Need to go for high speed-low torque and low speed- high torque mechanism.
• You need to make sure the appropriate cuts for excellent quality finishing work.
• Make sure you have smoother and straighter cuts for professional work.
• Need to buy Rotary tools that can handle constant vibrant.
• Need to go for the device that can perfectly handle heat and humidity of the rotary tool.
• Need to check the wireless technology and stick to it because it enables to minimize the durability problem.
• For light and small projects, you have to buy inexpensive rotary tools.
• If you are professional like industrial electrician or mechanic you have to buy the luxury rotary tools for hassle-free work.
• Heavy duty rotary tools worth if you are planning to complete large and complex projects.

Infographic  Source:

INFOGRAPHIC : How to Choose the Best Rotary Tool

Infographic : How To Paint Vinyl Windows

Looking to refresh the exterior of your home this season? Painting your vinyl windows is a quick and easy way to add a pop of color to your house, giving it major curb appeal. This project is simple if you have the right tools, but requires a bit of knowledge about vinyl windows and vinyl-safe paint before beginning.

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Infographic : How To Paint Vinyl Windows

Infographic : Freelance like a king in 2017

According to several surveys and studies, freelancers are able to earn more, work less, all the while being more excited about their work than their peers holding full-time positions.

For example, a survey from Upwork, one of the most popular freelance marketplaces, tells us that 79% of freelancers feel better about their work. And by better, they mean that they feel more respected, engaged, empowered and excited to start each day.

Infographic brought to you by online learning platform Zeqr

Infographic : Freelance like a king in 2017

Infographic: Introducing the New Range Rover Velar

This avant-garde Range Rover has capability at its core. It leads the way in progressive design from the renowned Range Rover floating roof to the refined interior with Suedecloth or Windsor leather options. Read more about the features of this avant-garde Range Rover below.

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Infographic: Introducing the New Range Rover Velar

Infographic: 3 Simple Money Making App Features Your Business Needs

It’s certainly no secret that mobile marketing is the future for businesses, from small to large and anywhere in between. All signs point towards opting for a ‘mobile-first’ approach to marketing, with Google going as far as to introduce a mobile-first index for search results.

So what can you do to stay on top in this market? Focusing on the experience your users have with your business on mobile was huge in 2016, and will only get bigger this year. Just making your website responsive is no longer going to cut it.

Creating your own app is one surprisingly simple and undeniably effective way of improving the experience people have using your business on mobile. In this infographic, cover 3 of the top app features you can use to make money for your business.

Infographic: 3 Simple Money Making App Features Your Business Needs