Infographic: Mutual Funds Disadvantages

While low risk mutual funds are an important part of many asset management strategies, they are not a panacea for investors. Every successful portfolio has the intention of using the best mutual fund they can find to meet the investor’s global tactical asset allocation strategy for diversification and to maximize returns. This Infographic edition of investment management blog addresses the disadvantages of mutual funds.
Infographic : Mutual Funds Disadvantages

Infographic : IVA – Individual Voluntary Arrangement provides help and advice on all aspects Individual Voluntary Arrangements. An IVA will allow you to legally write off up to 60% of your debt over a period of 60 months, leaving
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Infographic : IVA – Individual Voluntary Arrangement

Infographic : Moving trends in NYC

New York City is very lively and energetic city within which people are constantly moving. We wanted to find out which areas are the most and the least attractive for New Yorkers. For that purpose we have consulted Dumbo moving and storage moving company which has provided us with some useful details regarding moving tendencies in the past six months within NYC. The results we have obtained are based on the company’s business opportunities and on the number of moves they performed during the six-month period.
Northwest Brooklyn turns out to be the most popular area New Yorkers are moving to and moving from, followed by Murray Hill and Chelsea and Clinton. Fourth and fifth place in terms of most attractive areas belong to Greenpoint and Prospect Heights.
Surprisingly, Upper East Side and Upper West Side happened to be locations New Yorkers are frequently moving from. It seems like they are no longer fond of this part of the city. As a result, preferences of Dumbo’s customers, whose age range is between 20 and 35 regard Murray Hill, Prospect Heights, East Williamsburg. Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn seem to be more attractive for loving nowadays.
The results of this analysis are the overview of actual moving tendencies in New York from the point of view of one of the busiest moving companies in NYC during the past six months.

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Infographic : Moving trends in NYC

Infographic : 13 Stretching Exercises for Wheelchair Users

Infographic created by KD Smart Chair on 13 stretching exercises for wheelchair users visualizes on how to do the exercises and offers benefits of stretching. Sitting long hours in a wheelchair may cause back pains, stress, joint discomfort, muscle tensions. Performing these stretching exercises, wheelchair bound individuals can reduce stress, receive back pains, improve posture and improve blood circulation. These easy exercises will gently stretch your muscles, relieve tension and allow you to enjoy all of the benefits they offer.

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Infographic : 13 Stretching Exercises for Wheelchair Users

Infographic : The Ultimate Guide to Hypermiling

If you improve how you drive your vehicle. You can achieve  more miles per galleon from your fuel. Using certain driving techniques which are known as hypermiling, you can improve your MPG by up to 40%. For example by carrying out an engine tune up you can get an huge improvement of between 4% and 40% for your MPG. That is just one tip which we have for you. If you liked that one you can check out over 100 more tips below.

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Infographic : The Ultimate Guide to Hypermiling

Infographic : The Ultimate Guide to Hypermiling