A credible history of credit

A credible history of credit



Infographic: Race for White House

The US election which is going to be held on 6 November,2012.Not only people of US, but also people all over the world anxiously waiting for the this election. Who is going to rule the US for next four years. Is it the sometime much acclaimed or sometime criticized the present US president Barack Obama or someone other than Obama. US economy is in hole, and no one knows how to climb out of it. So whoever will be elected a he have to confront the dwindling economy, huge unemployment problem through which US is passing through. With this election future of other nation is also related. So the US election 2012 definitely going to be a political extravaganza of this century. Check out this Infographic Race for the White House, designed by InfoGraphic Design Team to know more about US election Presidential candidates.


Infographic: Race for White House

WordPress the Emerging Monopoly in CMS (Infographic)

By March 2012, with about 72.4 million users for the content management system, the WordPress (WP) grew as the largest of its type on the planet.It provided hosting to more than 50% of the CMS users and more than 45% of the top 100 sites as rated by Technorati use WP services.

The CMS grew by a great rate after the release of the version 3.3 and people seem reluctant to switch to 3.4. On average, the WP receives around 500,000 posts. Out of every 100 new domains created, 22 in the US belong to WordPress. WP boasts of 3 million searches worldwide per month and Indonesians are the best promoters and users of the WP services and it ranks 8th in that country.

In a month, on average, around 352 m people view more than 2.5 m pages in an average month. A survey of 18,000 users by Word press foundation found that the median rate of a Word press project to be $50 p/h. Of the 19,000+ plug-ins, SEO tops the list of downloaded with 20% followed by stats and images which account for 11 and 9 percent respectively.


WordPress the Emerging Monopoly in CMS (Infographic)


Infographic: What Should You Do with $1,000?

Maybe you didn’t hit the mega millions jackpot, but you’ve come into a little extra cash — a bonus, gift, or even a small inheritance.

Sure, $1,000 might be a relatively small amount of money and it’s tempting to go out and splurge on an indulgence, but what if there is a better way to spend that money?

Jennifer Openshaw, America’s Chief Consumer Advocate, Wall Street Journal columnist and CEO of Family Financial Network, is lending her expertise about what you should do with $1,000.

The following infographic explores the best way to spend $1,000 — whether you spend it, invest it, or even grow it.


Infographic: What Should You Do with $1,000?

16 Students You Meet In College (Infographic)

Every classroom in college is bound to have a student or two that sticks out from the rest. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is in the eye of the pencil holder. Check out ecampus.com list of 16 students you will mostly likely be meeting during your college career.

16 Students You Meet In College (Infographic)

Infographic: 80 Years of Financial (de)Regulation in the U.S.

Since the Great Depression in 1929, the U.S. has experienced an assortment of financial catastrophes and victories. How the nation has responded to these events has shaped the financial regulation landscape into what it is today.

The following infographic breaks down the last 80 years of U.S. regulation and deregulation and highlights the industries most affected by the various events.


Infographic: 80 Years of Financial (de)Regulation in the U.S.