The Hidden Risk for Student Athletes

Each season the average college football player receives more than 1,000 blows to the head of a magnitude greater than 10 G-Force! More then 250 of those blows are greater then 30 G-Force. For comparison a F-16 Fighter Jet roll equals 9 G-Force!

The concept for this infographic is based on the hidden risks of concussions for student athletes who choose to play football. Football related concussions have been a major news story over the summer when several NFL players with brain injuries committed suicide.  Additionally, a group of retirees are suing the NFL due to their lack of education on the side affects of concussions.

Concussions need to be taken very seriously by coaches and athletic trainers to make sure the player’s safety comes first.   This is especially important for student athletes whose brains are still developing.  Over 40% of student athletes are getting back on the field too soon after being concussed, causing long-term damage to their brain.

Designed by Beckon Media Inc. in partnership with Globe Life

Jarring Concussion Dangers In High School And College Football


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