2013 Trader and Investor Survey Results

It’s always good to get an analysis on how the economy is doing and what the future holds for the financial industry. Online Trading Academy coordinated a survey of investors and traders at the beginning of the year, asking questions regarding the state of the economy and financial future. This brought up some fascinating results, do to the thousands of responses they received. Take a look at some of the key findings from the survey.

Trading Research

Graphic by Online Trading Academy


When Addiction Impacts your Work Productivity

Stressful environments create a downward spiral. As the worker becomes more stressed, they may consume alcohol. Consequently their productivity suffers, they come under increasing pressure, which in turn leads them to drink further.

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Addiction and the Workplace Infographic
Image source: Clinical Partners

The Complete History of SEGA Racing Arcade Machines

From the 1960’s right up until today this infographic traces the history of SEGA racing games before the name SEGA even existed! Featuring some facts you might have never known about some of the biggest arcade hits of all time such as Virtua Racing and Sega Rally.

An infographic by libertygames


The History of the Online Trading Academy

This infographic shows several milestones in history for Online Trading Academy from the beginning. From expanding with new locations to offering more classes to all their students. The number of graduating students continues to climb as the academy continues to grow. See how Online Trading Academy has gotten to be where they are today.

Trading History

Graphic by Online Trading Academy

Six Things To Do Before Your Next Trade Show

Exhibit Edge shares six things to do to get ready for your Trade Show. Whether your new to trade shows or experienced, these six steps can assist you in creating and having a successful Trade Show. Don’t start your Trade Show unprepared, read Exhibit Edge’s six steps and be ready at your next Trade Show.

Six Things to Do Before Your Next Trade show
via: Exhibit Edge