Infographic : Parental Controls for Cell Phones

Infographic from SpyzRus looking at some options for setting and using parental controls on your own child’s cell phone. With Smartphone use on the increase and younger children exposed to so many online dangers it is time to think about how we can control what they get up to on their cell phones. Threats from social media sites, chatrooms or web content not suitable for kids. As parents we need to act to protect our kids. Finding the right program can be confusing with so many apps and services available. Free and paid solutions are available offering different features. Your job is to find the program which gives you the level of control or monitoring you feel necessary. There are limited parental controls available from most of the major service providers. Another option is to use one of the Big Brand, mainstream monitoring apps. Both of these can be enough for most people, especially those with young children. For the most comprehensive parental control you should look at some of the features available with dedicated cell phone monitoring software. The good news is that it does not need to cost a small fortune to have added protection for your children – just a little time.


Infographic : Parental Controls for Cell Phones


Infographic:10 Misconceptions of Microsoft SharePoint

Since it was first released over 12 years ago back in 2001, Microsoft Sharepoint has managed to attract millions of users worldwide.

Not suprisingly a number of misunderstandings have sprung up about this web application platform that have confused a myriad of potential users.

The following infographic from Scotland Sharepoint company highlights 10 of the most common misconceptions.


Infographic:10 Misconceptions of Microsoft SharePoint

Infographic:A Simple Recipe For Creating A Good Mobile App

We often use recipes to bake cheese cakes, and to make curries but have you ever heard of a recipe for developing a great mobile application? Exactly, neither had we until we checked out this infographic below from Scottish software development company, Intellicore.


Infographic:A Simple Recipe For Creating A Good Mobile App

Infographic: Brits And Their Holidays

This infographic has been created using information from several sources, including Direct Travel Insurance, the Office for National Statistics, The Telegraph the Association of British Insurers. This infographic in particular depicts key stats and information on British holiday goers, including some facts about staycations, most visited countries and trip costs.

Via:- Voyager

Infographic: Brits And Their Holidays

Infographic : Superhero Life Expectancies

The following infographic from LifeQuotes4U takes a closer look at the life expectancies of our favourite superheroes and comic book characters. Using information like whether the character is immortal, if they smoke or drink, if they’ve died in a comic story, and if they’re human, immortal or a mutant, LifeQuotes4U have figured out the average life expectancy for each character.
Superhero Life Expectancies

By LifeQuotes4U team

College Daze: A Snapshot of the Class of 2013, the largest online marketplace for self-storage, presents some figures that shed some light on what the future holds for the Class of 2013. Taken from a number of different sources, this infographic should give recent graduates a good preview of what they can expect out there in the real world.

College Class of 2013 Storage Infographic
Produced by SpareFoot. Copyright 2013.

The evolution of the interview process

Randstad, the hiring business, has unveiled the next infographic concerning the evolution of the interview process. The information is gathered from exploration Randstad has been doing among its clients. In conclusion, British individuals are investing 14 days more to acquire a new position than 5 years ago.

How the interview process has changed

How the interview process has changed infographic by Randstad Business Support