Infographic: How Mobile Apps have changed the world

The use of mobiles phones is increasing with each passing day and they have become a necessity among people of all ages and groups. The mobile phones of today are no longer considered as a mere device for communication but now they serves as multi use device.  No matter whether you want to click a picture, record video, store your files, listen to music, play games or perform any other function, the mobile phones proves to be all in one gadget.  The various features of mobile phones are further enhanced with the use of applications that are either available for free or for a price at various application stores.

Applications are popularly known as app and some of the most popular app stores are Apple App Store, Amazon app store, BlackBerry App World, Google Play, Nokia Store and others. Various types of application related to widgets, entertainment, lifestyle, photography, tools, communication, utilities and others are present on these store among which Games is the most popular category having 33% of the share.

As per the ABI research of May 2010, the application stores will have their peak in the year 2013 after which it will slowly decline as the subscribers will migrate to the apps of social networking.  Other details and statistics related to apps are given in the following infographic.


Infographic: How Mobile Apps have changed the world


Infographic: How to Know it’s a Boy or a Girl

A lot of people belief that there are various signs that indicates that whether a pregnant lady will have a boy or a girl and some of these signs are given in the below part of the article.

Some of the signs indicating a baby boy are heart rate below 140 beats per minute, out-front bulge, basketball shaped belly, large and dark nipples, bright yellow urine colour, cravings for salty and sour food items and looks which are amazing than normal.

On the other hand the signs indicating a baby girl are heart beat above 140 per minute, watermelon shaped belly, bulge in the back and hips, blossom breasts, dull yellow colour of urine , cravings for sweets and orange juice and appearance that is less than normal.

It is also believed that if your wedding ring moves in circles on your belly then it will be a baby boy and if the ring moves sideways then it will be a girl. If by adding the current age with the month of conception gives an even number then it is believed to be a baby boy and if the result is an odd number then it is believed to be a baby girl.


Infographic: How to Know it’s a Boy or a Girl

Infographic: ‘What Can I Earn?’

This colourful but informative infographic has been put together using facts and figures from various sources from around the web. What Can I Earn is a new graphic from the good people at Job Zoo which discusses all things money related, from the most popular jobs around to average wages per town. Did you know, for instance, that the payment gap between men and women for 2012 stood at 9.6%? And that hairdressers earn the smallest wage of any other job? Feast your eyes on this and more as we look deep into the world of earnings in the UK.

Infographic: 'What Can I Earn?'

10 Places to travel alone for Women in Asia

The list of the safest places for women to travel alone in Asia is given in the following part of the article.

Singapore has a very low crime rate and is one of the safest places for women to travel alone. New Zealand also has a very low crime rate and ranks 18th on the list of global safety rank and is also one of the safe places. 75 % of the citizens in Taiwan feel safe while walking at night for their home and the rape crime per 100K population in the country is 8.82%. Besides these other safe places are Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam and Kazakhstan.

The women must travel safely and should follow the advice like avoiding the situations like when you are along with a men, avoiding the crowded buses, do not let the other people know that you are travelling alone, carry your bags close to your body, do not show any jewellery or electronic equipment and use only licensed cabs.

There are various tips that women should follow while travelling alone and these include booking bed for the first night, becoming friend with local women, bring only that which you can carry, arrive in the day time, keep documents safe, wear appropriate dress, carry books and food.


10 Places to travel alone for Women in Asia

Infographic: Brain Injury Explained

The infographic below seeks to raise awareness of the causes, effects and signs of traumatic brain injury. By presenting the information in a visual format hope is that it will provide an alternative way for people to learn about traumatic brain injury.


Infographic: Brain Injury Explained