Infographic:The Life and Death of the U.S. Auto Industry

“Since the late 1800’s, the automobile has been an American staple in households.  From its debut with Henry Ford’s Model A, to next year’s Corvette-cars have always captured America’s attention.  But it’s not always been smooth seas for American automobile manufacturers. has created a very informal infographic about the history of the automobile, entitled, “The Life, Death, (and Life) of the U.S. Auto Industry”.

1916 saw a huge change in America-the passing of the Federal Aid Road Act.  This act provided $75 million of Federal money in 50/50 matching funds to the states; up to 6% of the roads statewide over a 5 year period.  Less than one year later, every state would have a Highway Agency to assist in managing the funds. In 1924, Henry Ford debuted his family friendly Model-A vehicle, with a price tag of $260.  This price would be equivalent of around $10,000 today.


The Life and Death (and Life) of the U.S. Auto Industry


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