Infographic:Cost of Catastrophe

Natural disasters seem to be occurring at an alarming rate.  Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and droughts are just a few of the disasters that impact our world.  These events cause catastrophic damage and untold loss every year.  In the past decade, disasters have cost more than $3.4 trillion. has analyzed the financial impact of these disasters, along with how many businesses and families are prepared for an emergency.

The financial totals for disasters in 2012 are incredible.

It’s no surprise that the best way to avoid these types of disasters is to be prepared both at home and at work.  6 in 10 businesses have no emergency response plan, and 4 in 10 homes are also unprepared.  While 57% of Americans report having emergency supplies in their home, it’s important to have an emergency plan in place-no matter where you live.  This infographic also details the number or natural disasters, emergency and fire protection declarations by state since 1953.

Infographic:Cost of Catastrophe


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