Infographic : 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for $25 or Under

The average annual Valentine’s Day spending in the United States exceeded $18 billion dollars last year, making it the second-highest grossing holiday next to Christmas.

Over 61% of American consumers celebrate the most romantic day of the year, spending an estimated $126 showering loved ones with gifts.

Remember when Valentine’s Day consisted of homemade cards and boxes of candy hearts? Neither can we.

With cupid’s arrow hitting wallets hard, here are 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for $25 or under that are sure to make your sweetheart weak in the knees.

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Infographic : 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for $25 or Under



Infographic : Ferry to France vs Plane

Here is an infographic from the popular United Kingdom ferry company called Brittany Ferries all about the benefits of travelling to France by ferry as opposed to plane. Some of the key benefits mentioned in the infographic are, when travelling to France by ferry you can take your own vehicle, when travelling to France by ferry you can take more luggage and when travelling to France by ferry the food is much better than it is on a plane.

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Infographic : Ferry to France vs Plane


Infographic : 2014’s Kitchen Design Trends

While looking through today’s top home décor magazines, it’s easy to get lost in what’s feasible, and what’s practical. Thankfully, Part Select has created an infographic entitled “ 2014’s Kitchen Design Trends ”, detailing all the most popular looks in kitchens today.
Kitchens have really taken on a new role in today’s social sphere. Long done are the days of formal, separate dining areas. Kitchens are now the centerpiece of get-togethers, where people join together to socialize and mingle. To further that angle, designers are incorporating warm, inviting tones with cool, natural wall colors and textures.
Infographic : 2014’s Kitchen Design Trends

The Fight of the Century: Amazon vs. Netflix

When it comes to video streaming, there’s two media giants at war for your viewing dollars: Amazon and Netflix. has created an infographic entitled, “The Fight of the Century: Amazon vs. Netflix”, pitting these two streaming heavyweights against each other. Let’s see where this match-up takes us!

The Fight of the Century: Amazon vs. Netflix

Big Data, Small Footprint?

While browsing the internet, many people want to know how we are supplied with what seems to be an endless supply of data. Where does all this energy come from? What’s the impact it has on the environment? Well, has created an infographic entitled “Big Data, Small Footprint?”, explaining all the details of the where, when, and how’s of data, and its impact on the environment.

Big Data, Small Footprint?

The Evolution of Medicine

There is no denying the fact that the past few centuries have brought a wealth of knowledge to the medical field.  From antibiotics, to new surgeries and vaccines, we’ve seen a huge evolution in healthcare. has created an infographic entitled “The Evolution of Medicine” which details just how far we’ve come. Let’s take a look.

The Evolution of Medicine

Infographic : THE COST OF PROM

Each spring, thousands of high school teens prepare for the biggest event of their high school career – prom. This tradition, which started back in the 1800s at Ivy League colleges, has become one of the most expensive outings for high school students and their parents to afford.

Prom has grown into an all out gala over the years. Once a traditional dance held on college campuses, proms today include extravagant venues, elaborate wardrobes, and over-the-top “after-prom” plans.

In 2013 alone, the average cost of prom was over $1,400. Come spring of 2014, the cost of prom is projected to total over $1,900. Most often, this comes as an expense to parents, though it has recently become a trend for students to help offset some of the costs associated with prom.

Also, another interesting trend is the fact that single parents and families with annual incomes under $50,000 spend more on prom. For a closer look at what is purchased for prom and who pays the bill, check out our Cost of Prom Infographic.

Infographic : Best Practices for Shorter Tweets

Marketing experts are constantly on the search for engaging, attention-grabbing tweets. However, stuffing a full marketing message into 140 characters or less can be a huge challenge-especially when you have a lot to say! has created an infographic entitled “ Best Practices for Shorter Tweets ” giving you tips to making the most out of those short but sweet tweets.

Infographic : Best Practices for Shorter Tweets