Infographic : It Pays to Play

While engaging in sports is always good for health, it has other benefits that you may not be aware of. has created an infographic entitled “It Pays to Play” detailing just how important being active in a sport can be – even into adulthood.
This infographic entitled “ It Pays to Play ”, brought to you by
Infographic : It Pays to Play

Olympic Boondoggle

All eyes are on Sochi, as it gears up to host the 2014 winter Olympic Games. Unfortunately, not everything is going as planned. has created an infographic entitled “ Olympic Boondoggle ” showing just how out of control Sochi’s spending has become.

Olympic Boondoggle

Is History Repeating Itself with Obamacare?

The news has been abuzz with updates and debates surrounding Obamacare. However, many of these discussions seem oddly familiar to many of our older citizens.  Surprisingly, Social Security and Medicare both faced strict opposition in their fledgling days.  Now, however, they are some of the most popular programs around. has created an infographic entitled “Is History Repeating itself with Obamacare?” detailing how each of these programs faced similar nay-sayers, and came out accepted and depended upon by many Americans.

Is History Repeating Itself with Obamacare?

Infographic : Facts About the Port of Southampton have created an infographic that explores Southampton’s cruising history since it’s humble beginnings in the 19th century.

From examining historic cruise ships, exploring new 21st century liners and celebrating the anniversary of world’s most extravagant cruise operator, hope that this infographic will be of use to those looking to set sail from Southampton.

Infographic : Facts About the Port of Southampton

Budget Cut Blues: How Special Education Students Are Among the Biggest Victims of Federal Spending Drops

There is no one resource more important than our children. has created an infographic entitled “Budget Cut Blues: How Special Education Students Are Among the Biggest Victims of Federal Spending Drops” detailing how we are leaving our children with special needs behind due to the latest round of budget cuts. Unfortunately, the government has decided to slash funding to many critical education programs for disabled children. 2013’s massive budget cuts, termed the sequestration, has included a 5 percent reduction in federal funding of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). This act impacts education far and wide, meaning disastrous implications for special education programs for those with disabilities. This infographic goes into detail as to how much has been cut in each state. This cut lowers the amount of money available for funding for children living in poverty, special education, and Head Start programs, ballooning class sizes, elimination of after-school programs, and decimation of programs for homeless students, English language learners and high-poverty, struggling schools. There’s also been cuts to financial aid for college students. This also effects those that work in education, costing tens of thousands of education jobs—at early childhood, elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels.
 Budget Cut Blues: How Special Education Students Are Among the Biggest Victims of Federal Spending Drops

Infographic : Investment Opportunities Projections for 2014

Online Trading Academy, a leading source for investor training has come up a list of what’s hot and what’s not for investment opportunities for 2014. The trading academy has 34 financial educational centers all over the world and they also have a full online curriculum. The investment opportunity forecast for 2014 are from some of their top traders. Take a look at the infographic below from the Online Trading Academy.

Infographic : Investment Opportunities Projections for 2014

Infographic : Valentines Day Gifting

It’s supposedly the most romantic day of the year which means gifts a-plenty and cupid’s arrows on auto-fire. But whether its finger bling or flowers, have you ever wondered what it all means? And more importantly, in the cross-pond battle of the sexes, who spends the most in the pursuit of lurrve?

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Infographic : Valentines Day Gifting

President Vs. Student : Exploring University President Salaries

This infographic lists a few of the largest offenders, including Dennis J. Murray of Marist College, who makes $2,688,148 per year, Amy Gutmann, President of the University of Pennsylvania, who makes $2,091,764 per year, and Ronald J. Donald, President of Johns Hopkins University,  who makes just over $1.8 million per year. 42 private college Presidents make upwards of $1 million dollars per year. If we combined these salaries, they would be enough to book 240 tickets to space with Virgin Galactic, buy books for 93,000 students, and purchase 43,000 used cars. Additionally, University of Chicago’s Robert J. Zimmer makes eight times what the average private college President earns; Zimmer also receives free housing in Chicago, one of the most expensive cities in the U.S.
This infographic entitled “ President Vs. Student : Exploring University President Salaries ” by
President Vs. Student : Exploring University President Salaries

Broke and Broken? The Psychological Effects of Poverty

Unfortunately, poverty has become an epidemic in our society. In fact, over 46 million people face the harsh reality of poverty every day. This can have a far-reaching affect not only in their communities, but their personal well-being, as well. has created an infographic entitled “Broke and Broken? The Psychological Effects of Poverty”, detailing the startling realities behind poverty and its effect on the human body.

Broke and Broken? The Psychological Effects of Poverty

Stay at Home Moms: Why More Women Are Forgoing the Hospital When Baby Comes

Whether you’re familiar with the terms and opinions around homebirth, or whether you’ve never heard of it before today, homebirth is on the rise around the nation. has created an infographic entitled “Stay at Home Moms: Why More Women Are Forgoing the Hospital When Baby Comes” detailing the facts and figures behind homebirth, and why more women are beginning to birth at home since the advent of hospitals.

Stay at Home Moms: Why More Women Are Forgoing the Hospital When Baby Comes