Trading Academy’s Top 10 Tax Mistakes Traders Make

The online trading academy has created a list of mistakes that most investors and traders make when they file their taxes. When filing their taxes they always have special challenges that they are faced with and these mistakes are common. The list of mistakes below are from an affiliate of trading academy called Tax Pros. View the infographic below to learn the top 10 mistakes you as an investor or trader need to be aware of.

 Trading Academy's Top 10 Tax Mistakes Traders Make


Weird, Unusual Taxes We Have Had Throughout History

Efile has created an infographic showing some of the weird and unusual taxes we have had over the years. Even though we know it’s certainly not unusual to be taxed, we all know there has been some crazy taxes that they have come up throughout the years. Take a look at the infographic from Efile below and see for yourself.

Weird, Unusual Taxes We Have Had Throughout History

Is Gluten Really a Bad Thing?

The newest face of the American diet is gluten free products. You see them everywhere, and you probably know someone who is on a gluten free diet. But is this newest fad just a short-lived trend? has created an infographic entitled “Is Gluten Really a Bad Thing?” detailing some starting facts and figures behind the gluten free movement.
Is Gluten Really a Bad Thing?

Infographic : Comparing Convictions

Religion can be confusing. From different texts and deities to opposing views and implemented beliefs, there are many people confused about different religions. One religion that seems to baffle most is Islam. has created an infographic entitled “Comparing Convistions” outlining the differences between Christianity and Islam.
Infographic : Comparing Convictions


Infographic : Green Zone

From recycling paper to offices using wind power, our workplaces are adopting more green technologies every has created an infographic entitled “ Green Zone ”, detailing how companies around the nation are starting to put green technology into place in the workplace, and just what a booming industry it is.

Infograhic : Green Zone

Our Weird Planet According to Google

When Google Earth first came onto the scene, users had mixed feelings regarding its detailed nature. Once googlers got used to the software, they started exploring, and came across an amazing array of incredible sights. has created an infographic highlighting some of the most incredible sights Google Earth users have found, along with the incredible efforts that go into making Google Earth a success. Let’s take a look!

Our Weird Planet According to Google

Infographic : More than a century of cinema

Ever wondered how the very first cinemas compared to the modern day multiplex? Curious to know more about the move from film to digital? Then take a look at Cineworld’s handy infographic that charts the changes in cinema across the decades, from its early inception to the modern day.

Infographic Source :-

Infographic : More than a century of cinema

Tips On How To Help Your Child With Homework

Ashley Tutors knows how often parents get stuck in homework battles with their kids. It literally becomes a circle of chaos in your home, with parents nagging at their kids to get their homework done and the kids battling you about having to do their homework nightly. Some kids just simply resist doing the work or get distracted and want to give up. There are several different tips that can help you to help your child with their homework. Ashley Tutors has some great tips that they have decided to share in this infographic that will assist you with helping your child with their homework.

Tips On How To Help Your Child With Homework

Infographic : Clouds Need Security To Reign

Perspecsys has brought to everyones attention about the safety of cloud computing. Everyone knows that cloud computing involves several computers that are connected through some communication network, like the internet. Individuals host products and services from remote locations, so that the end-users don’t have to. They can simply log on to whatever network that has the cloud service without ever installing anything. The demand for cloud computing has become a necessity for alot of companies and individuals. However, security has also become an important factor and that is why Perspecsys has created this infographic to show the statistics about security when it comes to cloud computing.

Infographic : Clouds Need Security To Reign