The Growth of The Mobile Gambling Industry

“Mobile betting is the highest growth area of the UK Gambling market”, said recently the CEO of Paddy Power. And the thing is the mobile gambling industry tends to grow as customers are using their smartphones as ever before. These allows gamblers to place their bets at any moment, it doesn’t matter anymore where you are as long as there’s Internet connection.

This last fact has been changing the gambling industry over the last few years and experts predict it will be changing in the same direction in the future. Last year, in 2013, some gambling operators such as Paddy Power or William Hill reported their online services offered for mobile devices as the source of up to 50% of their revenue! If we take a look back in 2011, the revenue coming from the use of gambling services for mobile devices was not higher than 20%.

Even closer to the date, in 2012, £4.7 billion revenue was reported by the global gambling industry and it’s predicted to be £11 billion in 2015. This only means the global spend in gambling is increasing globally and especially fast in Europe.

Right now, mobile casinos are booming and experts predict they will be the source of income of more than the 15% revenue of the global mobile gambling market. Definitely, the growth of mobile in gambling industry is a fact.
The infographic is courtesy of Simon’s Online Gambling Blog, the number one online gambling blog.

The Growth of The Mobile Gambling Industry


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