Infographic : Happy Feet makes Happy Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals are constantly on the go enduring strenuous hours and standing on hard floors can be tough on their feet and back. In selecting the right nursing shoe, they value comfort and functionality first but as medical scrubs have evolved, they also value adding a pop of style to showcase their personality.

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Infographic : Happy Feet makes Happy Healthcare Professionals


Home Away From Home

While it’s not talked about, there’s a constant competition going on within many offices. It’s a long-standing feud, with hardly ever a clear winner. It’s the “best decorated cubicle” competition. Some people go big and bold, while others maintain a simple, minimalistic look. Whichever way you lean, your cubicle could most likely need some sprucing up, has just the tips to take your drab grey/beige combo up a few notches in the style department, thanks to their “ Home Away From Home ” infographic.

Home Away From Home

How to Hang Anything

So, you just got the prints back from your latest photoshoot, or the newest pic of your grandkids. While frames and photos are always nice to look at, hanging them properly, and evenly, can be a challenge. has created a helpful infographic entitled “ How to Hang Anything ”, explaining just how to hang those precious photos – no matter what your walls are made of.

How to Hang Anything

Infographic : The Introduction into Web Hosting

This info-graphic highlights the role of web hosting to your website. It shows the facts and figures of hosting and how it’s grown so much during the past few years. In today’s world of the internet – web hosting plays a huge role as all websites require some kind of web hosting. This could be dedicated hosting, VPS, Shared or co-location web hosting. It depends on your requirements and demands of your website. Choosing the right web hosting provider can have a big impact on your conversions, user experience and performance of your website.

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Infographic : The Introduction into Web Hosting