Infographic : Holiday Hazards

Holiday Hazards is a fun infographic that illustrates national stats, busted myths, and some tips on staying safe during the holidays for all ages. Did you know that there have been over 70 trips to the ER due to hoverboard injuries?

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Infographic : Holiday Hazards


Infographic : Lead Me To Luxury

“Using data gathered from leading booking sites, Lead Me To Luxury extrapolates information on the amount of five star hotels found in 225 countries and territories compared to the total number of hotels. 
With this data we can calculate a “luxury percentage”, showing us which destinations around the world are the most luxurious.”
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Infographic : Lead Me To Luxury

Infographic : 11 Amazing Benefits of Kids Playing Youth Sports

11 Amazing Benefits of Kids Playing Youth Sports is an infographic all about the positive effects of kids being involved in physical sports. investigated dozens of research papers to find 11 incredibly positive benefits for kids when they are active in sports. The research documents the positive physical, mental, social and emotional benefits and this infographic showcases them in a fun and engaging manner.

Infographic : 11 Amazing Benefits of Kids Playing Youth Sports