India Roars into the Elite ICBM Club

India as the largest democratic country and the third largest economy, her achievements cannot be overlooked. India effort of launching Agni-V successfully is definitely a step forward in her development initiative. Now India also have the missile in her defiance treasury  which is capable of covering a long distance of 5000km with other multiple features. With this accomplishment India joins the elite club China, Russia, France, the US and UK which already have long-range missiles.

Near about 800 scientists were engaged in the development of this inter continental ballistic missile. Agni-V composed of solid propellents which enables it to launch at a very short interval of time. Its other features like it can be used to carry warheads or have ability to launch satellite makes it not only a  advanced nuclear weapon, but also a tool that can be used for development purpose. With the successful test, India is set to join the exclusive club of nations with inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBM) capability. At this moment, only five members of the UN Security Council possess ICBMs.


India Roars into the Elite ICBM Club