Infographic : Teaching with Tech

Learning disabilities and special needs can be challenging for parents and educators.  Thinking outside the box, and coming up with new ways to implement learning is a constant process.  Educators are beginning to discover that traditional learning methods, including worksheets and textbooks, leave students lacking.  Thanks to technology, students are now learning-and retaining-more information than ever before. has created an infographic entitled “Teaching with Tech: The Use of Technology in Special Education”, which outlines how educators and parents are using technology to help children with special needs and learning disabilities.

Infographic : Teaching with Tech


A Look at Students Using eTextbooks (Infographic)

Ever wonder how your fellow students are using eTextbooks? collected data from an independent survey to help answer your questions! This infographic shows that more students are using eTextbooks than ever before and almost half are using them simply for the lower price. Check out  infographic below to learn more about college students’ thoughts on eTextbooks.

A Look at Students Using eTextbooks (Infographic)

16 Students You Meet In College (Infographic)

Every classroom in college is bound to have a student or two that sticks out from the rest. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is in the eye of the pencil holder. Check out list of 16 students you will mostly likely be meeting during your college career.

16 Students You Meet In College (Infographic)

Higher Education: Economic Boon or Bubble?

With the economic downturn of recent years, many Americans are wondering if a college degree is the answer to their employment woes.

If they return to school, will the cost of tuition, books and other school expenses pay off in the end? To answer that question, you have to look at the volume of students, volume of college debt and the resulting employment and earnings figures.


Higher Education: Economic Boon or Bubble?

Internet Safety: Online Threat Facing College Students, Identities and Credit Cards

With wifi, smartphones and broadband available almost everywhere, college students are constantly connected to the web. While the internet has simplified some aspects of life, providing greater access to information, in some ways it has complicated the life of the modern day student. This is especially true when looking at the risks that increased internet usage can pose.


Internet Safety: Online Threat Facing College Students, Identities and Credit Cards

How Alcohol Affects Student Credit Card Debt and Grades

The answer to success may be as easy as cutting back on alcohol consumption in college. At least that is what data is now showing. When you take the time to look at statistics, you can see how alcohol, debt and academic success all work together.


How Alcohol Affects Student Credit Card Debt and Grades

Summer Opportunities for Students

With summer fast approaching, large numbers of high school and college students are searching for summer jobs, beginning an internship or enrolling in summer school. Other students choose to use summer as an opportunity to sleep in, hit the beach and take advantage of a carefree lifestyle.


Summer Opportunities for Students