Infographic : Best Practices for Shorter Tweets

Marketing experts are constantly on the search for engaging, attention-grabbing tweets. However, stuffing a full marketing message into 140 characters or less can be a huge challenge-especially when you have a lot to say! has created an infographic entitled “ Best Practices for Shorter Tweets ” giving you tips to making the most out of those short but sweet tweets.

Infographic : Best Practices for Shorter Tweets


Facebook’s IPO Compared to Those of Other Tech Giants

Facebook's IPO Compared to Those of Other Tech Giants


Should You Have A Twitter?

More than 100 million people have flocked to Twitter since 2006, sharing stories, insights, and cat pictures. But is Twitter really for you? Follow the steps columnfivemedia had created with Flowtown below to determine if you or your business really need to have a Twitter account.



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