Infographic : The Rise of Video Marketing

The Rise of Video Marketing

Created by Infographic Design Team


Infographic : 7 Steps to Selecting a Coworking Space

Uberoffices has created a 7 step guide on selecting a coworking space. A coworking space is a shared working enviroment that are usually individuals sharing work space that are not employed by the same organization. It is becoming more and more common for businesses to do this. So check out Uberoffices 7 step guide below to finding the perfect coworking space for your needs.

Infographic : 7 Steps to Selecting a Coworking Space

Infographic : Analyzing Education Around the World

Math, science, and reading are all subjects that every nation covers.  While education in the United States is under attack by budget cuts, how do other countries stack up? has created an infographic entitled “Analyzing Education around the World”, comparing countries like Germany, South Korea, and Australia in areas like class size, graduation rates, and pupil to teacher ratios.

Infographic : Analyzing Education Around the World

Breaking Down UK Loans

In the past seven years, a lot has happened to the state of personal loans and debt in the United Kingdom. Whether for purchasing a house or credit lending, consumer lending patterns have changed year by year. Check out this interactive infographic to see everything from how much mortgage debt all UK consumers racked up in 2005 to the average individual personal debt today.

Via:- QuickQuid

Breaking Down UK Loans

Brand Value Creation

In the 21st century’s globalized market Brand value is the main USP  of a product that work as a catalyst for conquering the greatest market share compare to its competitor.

Brand value means the capacity of the brand name to attract and sustain the consumers  and make them go for the products only by viewing the brand name surpassing  other ingredients. Brand value has to be created and some factors play important role in creating brand value.
Brand value creation is a long term task, it takes time to make customer awareness by communicating brand message and creating customer loyalty by delivering consistently good quality product.

This infographic on Brand  Value creation emphasizes on the factors that remains behind the brand value creation. This infographic designed by InfoGraphic Designed Team will defiantly prove useful for common people and also for those business barons who want to promote his brand.

Brand Value Creation