Infographic : Longest Odds Winners at Cheltenham Festival

With Cheltenham Festival less than 3 weeks away, LatestBettingSites‘ve created a really interesting infographic showing the Longest Odds Winners at Cheltenham Festival since 2005 when the festival expanded to 4 days. they’ve also picked the best longest odds shots at this year’s Festival.

In the UK horse racing is the second-most popular spectator sport in Great Britain, and the sport generates over £3.7 million annually for the UK’s economy. Some racehorses – such as Red Rum and Desert Orchid – have become household names in the UK, as have some of the people who ride them professionally: Lester Piggott, Frankie Dettori and Willie Carson, to name but three.

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Infographic : Longest Odds Winners at Cheltenham Festival



Infographic : The Simple Wedding Music Guide

When planning your wedding, there’s so much to take into consideration, and organising your music for the day is no exception. ‘ve taken some of the most common FAQs we receive and put them together in this tidy little infographic. From schedules to band riders, it’s sure to answer a number of queries.

Infographic : The Simple Wedding Music Guide

Infographic : Lead Me To Luxury

“Using data gathered from leading booking sites, Lead Me To Luxury extrapolates information on the amount of five star hotels found in 225 countries and territories compared to the total number of hotels. 
With this data we can calculate a “luxury percentage”, showing us which destinations around the world are the most luxurious.”
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Infographic : Lead Me To Luxury

Infographic : 11 Amazing Benefits of Kids Playing Youth Sports

11 Amazing Benefits of Kids Playing Youth Sports is an infographic all about the positive effects of kids being involved in physical sports. investigated dozens of research papers to find 11 incredibly positive benefits for kids when they are active in sports. The research documents the positive physical, mental, social and emotional benefits and this infographic showcases them in a fun and engaging manner.

Infographic : 11 Amazing Benefits of Kids Playing Youth Sports

Infographic : The Value of Money

“With Christmas shopping just weeks away you’d think that shoppers would be cautious about how they spend their money. Mecca bingo has surveyed 2,000 people to find out how they are spending this season and their attitudes towards money.
The survey from found some interesting differences of opinion between those aged between 18-24 and those over 55 years old. Such as 6% of British 18-24 year olds never cash and many will throw loose change that could be saved for purchasing presents. While the average Brit aged 55 or over; will typically carry between £20-£40 on them and savour every penny they can. You can find out more of their findings in the infographic below”
Infographic : The Value of Money

Infographic :12 foods of christmas


’12 Foods of Christmas’ infographic by is a great way to find out fun facts about the traditional Christmas dinner – you’ll even discover why so many people don’t like Brussel Sprouts. Take a look at the infographic below and impress your guests with these facts on Christmas day.

Infographic :12 foods of christmas