Online Trading Academy – 2013 Halloween Spending

The Online Trading Academy has created a scary infographic to show the Halloween economy. It compares Halloween to other national holidays financially. When you think of Halloween, it doesn’t seem to be that expensive as other national holidays. However, if you wrote down everything you purchase for the holiday such as, candy, costumes, and cards, you would be surprised at the amount that your spending. Take a look at the scary infographic created by Online Trading Academy to get an overview of the Halloween economy.

Online Trading Academy - 2013 Halloween Spending


The State of Children’s Health

It’s a startling fact: More than 18,000 children under the age of 5 will die today-3/4 of those deaths from preventable illnesses and diseases. has created an infographic entitled “The State of Children’s Health”, detailing the current picture of children’s health around the world.
From the beginning, it’s important to take care of our children’s health.  8.1% of children are born with a low birth rate in the United States, compared to 16% of children born underweight worldwide-96% of those in developing countries.
The State of Children's Health

Evolution of the Easy Bake Oven

Easy Bake Ovens singlehandedly revolutionized the toy industry, making it into the top 100 toys ever made. has created an infographic entitled “The Evolution of the Easy Bake Oven”, detailing the emergence and life of the Easy Bake Oven, along with dishing out delicious facts behind the iconic children’s toy!

Evolution of the Easy Bake Oven


Self-Service Customer Support

One area where businesses may struggle the most is customer support.  Whether it be a lack of information, or trouble finding resources, getting help to your customer is a necessity in today’s marketplace, and is essential for customer satisfaction. has created an infographic entitled “Online Support Center: The Essential for Fast Growing Companies”, detailing the importance of the online support center, and how customers are increasingly relying on this system to solve their issues.

Self-Service Customer Support

Why STEM Matters

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM): these four subjects may strike fear in students across the nation.  However, these degrees are becoming more valuable each day.  In fact, there are over 3 million jobs available in the STEM marketplace, and many of these positions are being outsourced due to a lack of qualified applicants in the United States. has created an infographic showing how STEM education is vitally important, and the success that these degrees can offer.

Why STEM Matters

Infographic : The Business of NFL

Mascots, cheerleaders, and face-paint: What do these things have in common? Football!  And America’s favorite sport is one of the largest in the nation, valued at over 37.4 billion per year.  That amount is higher than the GDP’s of Afghanistan, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Jamaica, and 115 other countries. has created an infographic detailing the sport and numbers behind the behemoth’s success, entitled “ The Business of the NFL ”.

Infographic : The Business of NFL



No Boy Left Behind

Boys and girls have always fought for superiority.  However, it seems that the scales may be tipped from a very early age. has created an infographic entitled “No Boy Left Behind”, detailing how our education system is failing our young men, and what we can do about it.For every 100 girls born, there are 5 males are born.  For every 100 girls that repeat kindergarten, 194 males repeat.  These numbers become staggering as they age.  For every 100 girls who are suspended from public schools, 215 males are suspended.  By the time those 100 girls graduate with a masters degree, only 66 males will achieve the same success.

No Boy Left Behind

Infographic : We Love Apps

There is an app for everything these days, and the income behind it proves their value. has created an infographic entitled, “ We Love Apps ”, detailing the statistics behind apps, and how they help make our day-to-day lives easier. There is always something new in the app store.  In fact, there are 640 new apps in the App Store every day.  There are over 800,000 apps in the App Store, 400,000 in Google Play, 125,000 in Windows, and 70,000 on Amazon.  Users are changing their preferences quickly as well-63% of the apps used daily have changed from a year ago.

Infographic : We Love Apps

Infographic : Analyzing Education Around the World

Math, science, and reading are all subjects that every nation covers.  While education in the United States is under attack by budget cuts, how do other countries stack up? has created an infographic entitled “Analyzing Education around the World”, comparing countries like Germany, South Korea, and Australia in areas like class size, graduation rates, and pupil to teacher ratios.

Infographic : Analyzing Education Around the World

Real Money, Virtual Wallets

Finances are complex.  The average American has a monthly mortgage payment of $1,061; an average utility bill of $163, a student loan payment of $290, a car payment of $428, and a credit card debt of over $4,500.  With these numbers, it’s easy to see why Americans need to utilize budgeting tools.  And in this digital age, it’s easier than ever.  Unfortunately, 55.8% of Americans do not use a website to manage their money, and 72.8% don’t use a smartphone tablet app to manage their money either.  The younger generations, however, have caught on.  Financial management app usage is three times higher for younger adults than older generations.

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 Real Money, Virtual Wallets